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Pellet are small particles typically created by compressing an original material.

Specific items often termed 'pellet' include:
Pelletizing is the industrial process used to create pellets, using a pellet mill or equipment for extrusion and spheronization (also called marumerization)
Spheroids is the process for the manufacture of round and regularly sized pellets by the process of spheronization (a trade mark of Caleva Process Solutions)
Plastic resin pellet, a raw material used in plastics manufacturing
Animal feed pellet, a foodstuff produced from various raw materials and additives
Bird pellet, a round ball of undigested matter that some bird species regurgitate
Pellet stove fuel: wood pellets, corn pellets,grass pellets
Precipitation (chemistry), as formed during centrifugation
Pellet (software), an open-source Java OWL DL reasoner.
Carbonate pellet, a natural sedimentary structure found in limestones.